AR# 9624


3.1i COREGEN - Core Generator fails to generate large cores.


Keywords: Core Generator, Elaboration Failed, cannot generate,
out of memory,

Urgency: Standard

General description:
When generating a large core such as Square Root
function with Input/Output width = 64, or DA FIR with large
number of coefficients, the Core Generator may fail to generate
the core.


The Core Generator startup script has only 128 M bytes of memory
allocation. This may not be enough for generating large cores.

Core Generator startup scripts are located in:
Xilinx_Install\bin\nt\coregen.bat (for WinNT)
Xilinx_Install\bin\sol\coregen (for Solaris)
Xilinx_Install\bin\hp\coregen (for HP)

Edit the coregen startup script file and change following line:

"$JAVA_HOME/bin/jre" -mx128m -ss44M -ms10m -classpath .........
"$JAVA_HOME/bin/jre" -mx256m -ss44M -ms10m -classpath ........

Notice that you only need to change -mx128m to -mx256m.
It is important that you do NOT modify anything else.
After modifying the coregen startup script, re-start Core Generator.

If it still fails, then you may not have enough memory to generate large
cores. In this case, you may have to increase the physical memory
in your system.

Also, Core Generator does not know how to release the memory space
once it has completed the core generation. If other applications on your
system need more memory, then you should close the Core Generator
window when you are done with it.
AR# 9624
日期 08/23/2002
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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