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1.0 eProduct, LogiBLOX - How do I add LogiBLOX in ViewDraw's custom menu?


General Description: 

Using eProduct v1.0, how do I add LogiBLOX in Viewdraw's custom menu?


In the ViewDraw window, perform the following steps: 


1. Tools -> Customize (a new window titled "Customize Tools Menu" will appear) 

2. In the "Customize Tools Menu" window, fill in the following: 

Menu Text: Add & LogiBLOX 

Command: viewblox.exe 

Arguments: $GUID 

Initial Directory: <blank> 

3. Click on "Add" button 


To invoke LogiBLOX from the ViewDraw window, go to Tools -> Add LogiBLOX

AR# 9627
日期 02/26/2014
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