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1.0 eProduct - What is the flow for simulation with VHDL Coregen and Schematic?


General Description : 

How do I perform timing simulation in Innoveda's 

EProduct Designer?


The flow for simulation for your schematic with VHDL coregen is as follows: 


1. Generate the edif netlist from the schematic. 

2. For function simulation: 

2a. See solution 4318 at

3. For timing simulation: 

3a. Open the Xilinx Design Manager 

3b. Under the simulation options generate a time_sim.edf 

From the Design Manager 

Design->Options->Edit Options 

(simulation options under the heading "Program Options") 

Simulation Data Options = EDIF (this will produce time_sim.edf) 


4. Run NGDBuild 

5. Run Map 

6. Run Par 

7. Run Timing 

7a. At this point, time_sim.edf will be produced. 


8. These are the same steps for a functional simulation; see
At the command line run  

"edifneto -l xilinx time_sim.edf" 

"ngdbuild -p <part> time_sim.edf" 

"ngd2vhdl time_sim.ngd" 


9. At this point, a VHDL file will be produced that can be simulated. 

10. Open Speedwave 

11. File->Analyze VHDL Design 

11a. Create a project and simprim directory 

11b. Add the source file 

11c. Add the simprim files (simprim_VITAL.vhd,  

simprim_Vcomponenets.vhd, and  


11d. Save the project 

11e. Compile the simprim library, then the source file 


12. At this point, you should be able to load the design  


AR# 9665
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