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4.2i Foundation - Btrieve error messages are reported in the Project Manager message window


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Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Btrieve error messages are reported in my Project Manager message window.



When Btrieve error messages are reported in the Project Manager message window, you have several options:

1. Check the free memory available in DOS; at least 500k of free memory should be reported by the memory command. (NOTE: You need not check this if you are using Windows 95). If necessary, free up memory (remove resident programs from your CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT).

2. Check the settings in the WINDOWS\BTI.INI file. You should see:

[Btrieve Client]
options=/L:20 /F:80 /H:200 /T:15 /M:512 /U:128

If the [Btrieve Client] section is missing, or the parameters have values that are less than those listed above, make the appropriate changes.

If these suggestions do not fix the problem, close Project Manager, delete the BTRIEVE.TRN file from the WINDOWS directory, and restart Project Manager.

If the errors persist and are reported in any project you attempt to open, rebuild the file that holds the information on your library structure as follows:

1. Close Project Manager.
2. Go to the ACTIVE\LIBDIR directory and rename the "LIB_DIR" file to "LIB_DIR.BAK". (No LIB_DIR file should exist afterwards).
3. Restart Project Manager.
4. Ignore the first error message that reports "Cannot open LIB_DIR file".

If other errors still appear, rename "LIB_DIR.BAK" back to "LIB_DIR" and open a WebCase with Xilinx Customer Support at:

If the errors do not appear, continue your work. Please note that your system libraries are now detached from the system; however, they will be automatically attached when you open/create a project. You may also attach them manually using the Library -> Attach option in the Library Manager.


By default, Foundation installs files that relate to Btrieve under the c:\windows directory.

However, other programs may also have a Btrieve version that is instead placed in c:\windows\system, which leads to a conflict between the two versions.

Check for Wbtr*.dll files or "Wbtr32.exe" under the respective directories. If any of these files are present, remove these from c:\windows\system. (Please see (Xilinx Answer 2390) for more information.)
AR# 980
日期 08/12/2003
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