AR# 9871


3.1i sp2 (HP) Install - Error:./setup [165]: ./JRE/HP/os11/bin/jre - Directory not found.


Keywords: setup, 165, jre, not, found, hp

Urgency: Standard

Problem Description: I am trying to install 3.1i Service Pack 2. I get this error
./setup [165] : ./JRE/HP/os11/bin/jre - Directory not found.


The service pack command line requires an additional argument for it to begin. If
this argument is not supplied, or if an invalid argument is supplied, you might see
this error. The correct command line is :

./setup -i sp

Any other switch on setup will cause this error.
AR# 9871
日期 09/17/2002
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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