AR# 9955


3.1i Foundation ISE - ECS: How do I search for components or nets?


Keywords: query, Project Navigator, DRC, search

Urgency: Standard

General Description: How do I search for specific components
or nets in the ECS Schematic?


To query for a net or component, do the following:

1- Open the schematic.
2- Select DRC -> Query.
3- Click on a component/net or enter the component/net
name at the bottom of the schematic.

For example: If you are looking for net N_5, at the prompt
you would enter N_5 and hit enter.

Query - Select Item to Query = N_5

The query is case insensitive.
AR# 9955
日期 01/15/2003
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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