Enabling ISV Developers with the Vitis Development Platform

The Xilinx data center business depends on a vibrant ecosystem of successful ISVs producing FPGA and ACAP acceleration applications across many computational domains. Xilinx has made a substantial investment in C-Libraries, tools, methodology and cloud deployment technologies to enable our ISV’s success – by maximizing productivity, achieving high performance results and ease of deployment. Our Xilinx Unified Software Platform is the culmination of this investment to date and will be the foundation for all acceleration application development in the future. In this session you will learn about the many components of Xilinx Unified Software Platform and how the software platform can help you get your solutions to market faster - from both an application development and deployment perspective. We will cover topics such as C-Library portfolio, HLS technology and methodology for implementing high performance accelerators, deployment and scaling via containers and Kubernetes technology, monetization, DRM protection, and more. We will share our current offering and future roadmap as well as proof points with ISVs we have achieved along the way. This session is intended for both developers and business professionals. It will not be a deep dive on programming and tool usage, but rather will provide a comprehensive overview of what you need to understand to achieve success in the Xilinx ecosystem. If you are already an active ISV, or are considering developing FPGA and ACAP acceleration applications, you should attend this session to become fully aware of all that is available to you.