CTAccel Limited

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  • 计划成员: 2016
    • Hong Kong, HK (Headquarters)


CTAccel Limited started-off as the FPGA Accelerated Computing Department of Clustertech Limited. Clustertech has been providing solutions and services to solve problems in massive data processing, large-scale computing, in-depth analysis, artificial intelligence, and uninterrupted service since 2000. CTAccel spun-off in 2016 to focus on accelerating datacenter applications with FPGA. CTAccel has extensive experience in hardware software codesign, heterogeneous computing and software engineering. CTAccel develops its own IPs and software for FPGA accelerated computing. We provide end-to-end solutions for FPGA accelerated image processing and image analytics to Internet Data center.

The proliferation of social network usage, video security system, and IoT increases the number newly generated images and videos exponentially. Our FPGA based Image Processing Solutions speed up image processing and image analytics by offloading computation from the CPU to FPGA. Leveraging AMD FPGA's processing power allows data center users to process images up to 10x faster, reducing the number of servers required by up to 80%. CTAccel demonstrated its Image Processing Solutions as an exhibitor in SC15 and SC16.

Apart from providing turnkey solutions, we also provide consulting services on FPGA accelerated computing for IDC and High Performance Computing Applications.


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  • FPGA Design and Integration


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