ALINX ACAU15 with AMD Artix UltraScale+ XCAU15P FPGA SoM Module

ALINX SoM ACAU15P: based on the AMD Artix UltraScale+ XCAU15P-2FFVB676I, composed of FPGA + 1GB DDR4,16bit + 32MB QSPI Flash, including all the basic components of hardware. GTH 12.5Gb/s x12 ,PCIE 3.0, 72 HD IOs, 102 HP IOs, LVDS 48.Applied to machine vision, secure networks, 4K broadcasting, and various industrial IoT and edge markets


  • FPGA: AMD Artix UltraScale+ FPGA, XCAU15P-2FFVB676I
  • 1GB DDR4, 16bit, 32MB QSPI Flash
  • GTH 12.5Gb/s x12 ,PCIE 3.0
  • Industrial Grade
  • 72 HD IOs, 102 HP IOs, LVDS 48
  • System Logic Cells 170K
  • CLB Flip-Flops 156K
  • CLB LUTs 78K
  • DSP Slices 576


  • ACAU15 FPGA Module