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Virtex-II/-II Pro - What is the POWERDOWN (PWRDWN_B) pin? Can I leave it floating when it is not used?


What is the POWERDOWN (PWRDWN_B) pin? Can I leave this pin floating when it is not in use?


The PWRDWN_B pin was provided to set a Virtex-II device into power-down mode--a low-power, inactive state.

This sequence was initiated by pulling the PWRDWN_B pin Low.

However, this feature is no longer supported in Virtex-II FPGA. Therefore, the PWRDWN_B pin MUST ALWAYS BE deactivated (pulled up).

The PWRDWN_B pin can be set as a pull-up/pull-none in BitGen using the -g PowerdownPin option. The default value is pull-up. To set it as inactive, the PWRDWN_B should be left at its default value, which is pulled up (PWRDWN_B does not require an external pull-up or pull-down).

The PWRDWN_B pin should not be actively driven or pulled Low, as this will affect device operation and configuration.

AR# 12763
日期 12/15/2012
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