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Cables - What are Parallel Cable IV specifications and dimensions for lead connectors and posts?


What are the specifications and dimensions for the pins and connectors on the Parallel Cable IV? (I need this information so that I can include an interface on my PC boards in order to connect the cables to the board.)


An insulation displacement (IDC) ribbon cable is supplied with the Parallel Cable IV.

Cable specifications:

  • 14 conductor, 1.0mm center round conductor flat cable
  • 28 AWG (7x36) stranded copper conductors
  • Gray PVC with the Pin 1 edge marked

Connector specifications:

  • The cable terminates on each end with 2 mm female polarized connectors.
  • The contacts are beryllium copper-plated (30 micro inches of gold plating over 50 micro inches of nickel).
  • The header will consist of 0.5 mm square posts placed on 2 mm centers (i.e., the posts are 2 mm apart in both rows and columns).

For more information on the Parallel Cable IV or the new ribbon cable connector, please download the data sheet from:

The flying wire connector (or header) can be purchased separately from the Xilinx Online Store.

The header to be used with this connector cable consists of .025" square gold-plated pins placed on .10" x .10" centers (i.e., the pins are 1/10" apart in both rows and columns).

Samtec is an available source for the square posts and header connectors:

Phone: 1-800-SAMTEC-9

Web site:

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