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5.1i iMPACT - Batch mode: Can I capture batch mode error messages into a log file?


General Description:

Is there a way that iMPACT can generate an error log in batch mode?


iMPACT cannot directly generate an error log file in batch mode; it will always direct error messages and status messages to the standard output, which is the screen. However, the error messages can be captured if you instruct your operating system to redirect the standard output to a file:

From the DOS prompt, use the following syntax:

%XILINX%\bin\nt\impact.exe -batch download.cmd > log.txt 2>&1


"download.cmd" is the name of your command file

"log.txt" is the name of the output log file

The DOS ">" symbol will pipe stdout to the "log.txt" file. In this case, any user messages that are normally sent to the screen will be stored in the "log.txt" file.

The DOS "2>&1" will redirect the stderr to the stdout stream, which in this case is being piped into the "log.txt" file. This will direct any error messages to the "log.txt" file.


For Windows 2000, every message will be captured in order.

For Windows NT4.0, every message will be captured, but not in order. The stderr messages will appear after all stdout messages.

AR# 14555
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