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5.1i ChipScope Pro - When I run the ILA clock below 50 KHz, Analyzer does not recognize the clock


General Description:

When I run the ILA clock below 50 KHz, the ChipScope Pro Analyzer does not recognize the clock. The Analyzer Wave Window reports: "waiting for upload." Is there a minimum clock rate for effective sampling?


When using very slow clocks, there might be cases in which ChipScope PRO Analyzer does not detect the clock. The JTAG clock rate determines the minimum clock speed that ChipScope Pro can accommodate. Some designs operating below 50 KHz do not work, and approximately 25 KHz is the minimum. A minimum clock speed is characterized in the ISE 6.1i documentation. You can access the online documentation at:

This problem is resolved in 6.1i ChipScope.



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37113 12.2 Chipscope Pro Analyzer - How can I use the three data formats exported from Chipscope Pro Analyzer? N/A N/A
AR# 16653
日期 12/15/2012
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