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Xilinx Packaging - What does Xilinx recommend as a cleaning agent that can be used with all Xilinx SMT packages?


General Description:

Does Xilinx recommend cleaning agents that can be used in conjunction with the surface mount (SMT) packages?


Most major PCB assembly subcontractors today have successfully developed a no-clean process in which post-assembly washing is not required. This method is the ideal process.

If cleaning is required as part of the process, Xilinx recommends using a water soluble paste and then washing with de-ionized water in a washer, such as a Westek Triton III at 140F-145F. Cleaning solutions are not recommended since some cleaning solutions contain chemicals that attack the heat-spreader adhesive or the thermal compound, which can cause the heat-spreader to fall off.

Xilinx does not qualify custom processes or verify applicability of other cleaning agents that are used industry-wide.

AR# 17122
日期 12/15/2012
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