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Documentation - How can I view errata documentation and receive an alert if the errata documentation changes?


I want to find out if my product has an associated errata and be notified if that errata is updated. How do I locate the documents on the Xilinx Website?


Some Xilinx products have minor deviations from the data sheet, which are explained in errata documentation. Current errata for each Xilinx product are available at:

To receive notification of updates, use the Alerts section of you My Profile page as follows:

1. Locate the words sign in to access account in the top right section of any page on the Xilinx Web site.

2. Follow the instructions for logging in or creating an account.

3. On the My Profile page, expand the Products and Services Notifications section by clicking the plus (+) sign.

4. Select Yes to indicate that you would like product and software email updates.

5. Expand the Alerts section by clicking the plus (+) sign.

6. In each box, select all the categories for which you would like to receive alerts.

7. Click the Save Profile button.

You are now set up to receive e-mail alerts the next time documents in any of your selected categories are changed.

AR# 18815
日期 12/15/2012
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