of arch mapped to NULL macro!"">


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AR# 20257

TMRTool - "Error - Instance of arch mapped to NULL macro!"


During the "Implement XTMR" step, TMRTool gives this error message:

"ERROR Instance <instance name> of arch <arch name> mapped to NULL macro!"

"ERROR TMR process completed with errors!"


This error will occur any time a macro is not available to implement the desired XTMR or Output type for a given primitive.

To debug this error, first determine which primitive the <instance name> is. This is usually easy to do by searching through the Component view in the "Edit XTMR Types" utility.

Common reasons for this error are listed below according to primitive type:


If an OBUF is set for the Double-Voted Output Type, this error will occur because the Double-Voted Output description file is not currently included in the TMRTool install.


If an IOBUF is set for the Triple-Voted or Double-Voted Output Type, this error will occur because there are really no good ways to triplicate the 3-state buffer. The Aerospace and Defense group is looking at ways of building reliable IOBUF structures; in the meantime, customers should set either the "Converge" or the "Triplicated, Unvoted" Output Type.

AR# 20257
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章