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AR# 20556

LogiCORE PCI - How can I obtain a license for the OPB-to-PCI Core or the PLB-to-PCI Core?


Customers who want to use the OPB-to-PCI Core or the PLB-to-PCI Core, available through EDK, must purchase the standard Xilinx 32-bit PCI LogiCORE. Once purchased, users must obtain a license to use the OPB-to-PCI Core available in EDK.

Where is this license located?


The OPB-to-PCI Core license is located in the PCI lounge. The PCI lounge can be accessed at:


From this page, follow these steps to get the license:

1. Click either PCI32 or PCI32 Spartan.

2. After purchasing the PCI Core, select "Access Lounge."

3. Click one of the release version links for the core. It does not matter which one is selected for license generation.

4. Near the bottom of the table, look for "OPB2PCI Files and Documentation."

5. Click "Generate OPB PCI 32 License."

Note that although you click on links for the OPB2PCI core, the license generation page itself allows you to generate a license for the PLB2PCI core also. Xilinx is in the process of updating the lounge pages to add PLB2PCI to these links.

Follow the instructions to generate the license.

NOTE: After step #2, you will see a box at the top of the page for generating a license for the CORE Generator. This link will not generate the license necessary for the OPB-to-PCI Core.

AR# 20556
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章