AR# 2059


FPGA Configuration: Peripheral Configuration from MCS file causes error (EX/XL).


configuration, apm, init, dataframe, error

General Description: When configuring an FPGA in the

Asynchronous Peripheral Mode (APM) by decoding an mcs format

promfile with a microprocessor, INIT drives Low.


This can be caused by an unexpected indexing line in the middle

of the file. When decoding prom files for FPGA configuration,

the prom addressing data must be removed. This consists of 8

ascii hexidecimal characters, preceeded by a colon (:), on each

line in the file, and an indexing line. See example below:




The first line is an indexing line in the mcs format. The

addressing for each index begins at 10000 Hex. When 10FFF Hex

is reached in the address section, a new index is inserted.

See example below:




If an mcs file is created for more than 557056 configuration

bits, then multiple index lines will be used. Not stripping

these out will cause them to be decoded and sent to the FPGA as

configuration data, and thus will cause a dataframe error which

is flagged by driving INIT low.

AR# 2059
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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