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AR# 22124

CORE Generator - How can I create an IP core or run an XCO file in batch mode?


How can I run the XCO file in batch mode?


You can run CORE Generator at the command line with the "-b" option.The CORE Generator System is invoked in batch mode as follows:
coregen -b <command_file_name> -p <project_path>
-b <command_file_name>: Invokes the CORE Generator tool in batch mode, executing the command file specified. The command_file_name argument specifies the path to the command file to be executed.
<project_path>: Specifies the CORE Generator project directory. The project_path argument is the path to the desired CORE Generator project. This path can be specified relative to the CORE Generator startup directory.
XCO files are commonly specified as the argument to the "-b" option, but you can specify any file containing valid CORE Generator commands.
The valid CORE Generator commands are documented in "*.pdf" using the CORE Generator documentation, see:
Or, in ".html" using the CORE Generator 8.1 GUI => Help => Xilinx CORE Generator Help Content.
Notes on User-Generated Command Files:
You can write your own command files to generate cores, create projects, customize the CORE Generator environment, or execute any other CORE Generator command. User-generated command files can have any name and extension.
XCO, by definition, is already a COMMAND FILE, so using the CORE Generator command 'EXECUTE' in the user-created command file executes the XCO file. Example: "EXECUTE my_core.xco."



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AR# 22124
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