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AR# 22664

8.1 iMPACT - iMPACT is not automatically changing the Start-Up Clock setting from CCLK to JtagClk


8.1 iMPACT will not change the Start-Up clock from CCLK to JtagClk. The default option for the start-up clock in BitGen is CCLK, and the error message requests users to re-generate the programming file.

"ERROR:iMPACT:2259 - The bit file "path/file.bit" does not have the startup clock set to 'JtagClk'. Please re-generate the bitfile with the startup clock option set to 'JtagClk'."


The problem is that in the Preferences (Edit - Preferences), underneath the Configuration Preferences section, there is a Start-Up Clock (FPGA) setting which is set to Indicate Error by default. This option will need to be changed to allow iMPACT to accept ".bit" files generated with the Start-Up clock set to CCLK.

The settings for this option are as follows:

Indicate Error: An error will be displayed if the Start-Up clock setting is set to CCLK and the file cannot be added to the device.

Automatic Correction: This option will change the Start-Up clock setting to the JtagClk setting and the software will issue a warning when this change occurs.

Ignore Setting: This will allow the software to automatically change the Start-Up clock in the file download to the device without changing the original. This change is transparent to the user.

When "Ignore Setting" is used, devices cannot be selected in the BSCAN chain and then deleted with the Delete key on the keyboard. The setting will need to be changed to delete items on the BSCAN tab. For now, the recommended setting is to use "Auto Correction".

AR# 22664
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章