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AR# 23158

8.1i EDK - " ** Error: Memory Collision Error on RAMB16_S9_S9: :tb:dut:uproc:microblaze_0:microblaze_ "


When I run MicroBlaze with the cache enabled, the following error occurs:

"# ** Error: Memory Collision Error on RAMB16_S9_S9: :tb:dut:uproc:microblaze_0:microblaze_0:using_dcache:dcache_i1:old_cache_scheme:using_fpga:using_18kb_brams:gen_tag_bram(1):tag_use_s9:ramb16_s9_s9_1: at simulation time 74999667 ns.

# A read was performed on address 05a (hex) of port A while a write was requested to the same address on Port B The write will be successful however the read value is unknown until the next CLKA cycle

# Time: 74999667 ns Iteration: 5 Instance: /tb/dut/uproc/microblaze_0/microblaze_0/using_dcache/dcache_i1/old_cache_scheme/using_fpga/using_18kb_brams/gen_tag_bram__1/tag_use_s9/ramb16_s9_s9_1"


This issue has been fixed in EDK 8.1isp2.

For the latest service pack updates, visit the Download Center:


AR# 23158
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章