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13.1 System Generator for DSP - What is the recommended Simulink simulation solver? Why do I see incorrect behavior when a fixed-step solver is used?


What are the recommended Simulink simulation solver options?


System Generator for DSP is tested with the default Simulink simulation settings which use a solver type of Variable-step and ode45 (Dormand-Prince) for the solver.

Using a Discrete solver or other Simulink solver option, when allowed by the Simulink blocks present in a model, does not cause any known issues with the Xilinx blockset. However, it is not fully tested.

Use of a fixed-step solver is known to cause problems in some System Generator designs, depending on the combination sample rates present. The fixed-step solver is not supported by System Generator for DSP.

To access your Simulink simulation options, select "Configuration Parameters" from the Simulink Simulation menu.

To have System Generator update the simulation settings to the default, supported settings, run the following command:

>> xlConfigureSolver('modelname.mdl')

xlConfigureSolver configures the Simulink solver settings of a model to provide optimal performance during System Generator simulation.

The Simulink Documentation contains a detailed explanation of how the Solvers work. This information can be found by typing in 'solver' in the search field in the Matlab docs.

- Why do I receive an internal error or see MATLAB crash if I use the Simulink Simulation option "Accelerator"? See (Xilinx Answer 32856)

AR# 23328
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