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AR# 23558

System Generator for DSP - Why do I get the error message stating "Synplify_Pro is not in your path"


In the System Generator token, if you set the Synthesis Tool drop down menu to Synplify Pro, the following error occurs during synthesis:


*** ERROR ***

Synplify Pro is not in your path


If Synplify Pro is in your path you should be able to launch the Synplify Pro GUI from a command or "run" window by typing "synplify_pro."

It it is not launched with this command then check your the PATH environment variable to confirm the Synplify_Pro installation path is added to the PATH environment variable.

1) Quit MabLab.

2) Right-click My Computer, and select "Properties."

3) Click the Advanced tab.

4) Click Environment Variables and add the desired variable.

For example:

Variable: PATH

Value: C:\Program Files\Synplicity\fpga_80\bin (where C:\Program Files\Synplicity is your Synplify Pro installation directory)

5) Click Set.

6) Click Apply.

7) Click OK.

8) Restart MatLab

AR# 23558
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章