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AR# 29047

CORE Generator - Is it possible to generate multiple cores by running a single batch command file?


How do you run the CORE Generator software using a script file?


It is possible to run CORE Generator using a script file. Below is an example script file which has been successfully used to generate multiple cores.
First a ".bat" file needs to be created or a similar command file when used on a different platform than Windows. In the batch file, a command similar to the following should appear:
coregen -b command_file.cmd
A list of supported switches for the coregen command can be found here.
The contents of the ".cmd" command file can be modified to meet the users need, and a set of possible commands that can be used in a command file can be found here.
Below is an example ".cmd" file that is used to generate two different cores for which the parameters are specified in the "core_test1.xco" and "core_test2.xco" files.
NEWPROJECT "c:\test_command_line\project.cgp"

SET addpads=True
SET asysymbol=false
SET busformat=BusFormatAngleBracketNotRipped
SET createndf=false
SET designentry=verilog
SET devicefamily=virtex4
SET device=xc4vlx200
SET flowvendor=Foundation_iSE
SET foundationsym=false
SET formalverification=false
SET implementationfiletype=ngc
SET package=ff1513
SET removerpms=false
SET simulationfiles=behavioral
SET speedgrade=-11
SET verilogsim=false
SET vhdlsim=false
SET workingdirectory="c:\ :\test_command_line"
SET projectname="test_command_line"

EXECUTE "c:\test_command_line\core_test1.xco"
EXECUTE "c:\test_command_line\core_test2.xco"


The approach used in the above example works well to generate a bunch of ".xco" files at once. For example, when you want to regenerate all the cores for a specific device that is different to the device listed in the ".xco" files, this approach will not work as is. Each ".xco" file would then be edited and the CSET commands specifying the device in each ".xco" file would need to be removed or edited.
See also: (Xilinx Answer 22124).



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22124 CORE Generator - How can I create an IP core or run an XCO file in batch mode? N/A N/A
AR# 29047
日期 12/15/2012
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