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AR# 30701

10.1 - When I double-click on an IPF (iMPACT project file), a DOS window flashes on the screen, but iMPACT does not open


When I double-click on an IPF file, iMPACT does not open in Windows. A DOS window flashes on the screen, then disappears, and nothing happens. What is the problem?


To make double-clicking an IPF file properly open iMPACT, you must ensure that it is passed the "-ipf" option. You can register this such that every time you double-click on an IPF file, iMPACT is opened. To do so, open My Computer and go to the Tools -> Folder Options menu.

- In Folder Options, click the File Types tab and scroll down until you find "IPF - Xilinx iMPACT Project". Highlight this, and click the Advanced button

- If you see "open" under the Actions, click this and hit the Edit button. If you do not see "open", click the New button and enter "open" as the Action (omitting the quotation marks around open).

- In the "Application used to perform action" field, enter the following:

"%Xilinx\ISE\bin\nt\impact.exe" -ipf "%1"

where %Xilinx is the path to your Xilinx installation, i.e., C:\Xilinx_ISE_10.1. Also, if you are not using ISE 10.1, you should not put \ISE\ in the path.

Once this is entered, click OK until you are back to My Computer, find an IPF file, double-click on it, and the project should open in iMPACT.

AR# 30701
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章