AR# 32025


10.1 EDK - ERROR:NgdBuild:809 - output pad net 'Bus2IP_BE<0>' has an illegal load


I have an ISE project with an EDK project as a submodule.

The peripheral was created using the Create and Import Peripheral Wizard. After that, I added some ports to the IP core and made them external to the EDK project.

When I run the implementation of the design, NGDBuild gives the following error:

"ERROR:NgdBuild:809 - output pad net 'Bus2IP_BE<0>' has an illegal load"

How do I overcome this error?


1. Make a copy of "system.make" to "user_system.make".

2. Search for the line where the makefile launches PlatGen.

3. Add a switch -toplevel no to the PlatGen command line.

4. In Project > Project Options, specify the custom makefile field and point to "user_system.make".

AR# 32025
日期 12/15/2012
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