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AR# 32039

10.1Unisim - "Attribute Syntax Error: The attribute PART_NAME on JTAG_SIM_VIRTEX5 instance *** is set to LX110..."


When I run behavior simulation, the following error occurs:

"Attribute Syntax Error : The attribute PART_NAME on JTAG_SIM_VIRTEX5 instance tb_top_BSCAN_v.JTAG_SIM_VIRTEX5_inst is set to LX110. The legal values for this attributes are 5VLX30 or 5VLX50 or 5VLX85 or 5VLX110 or 5VLX220 or 5VLX330 or 5VLX30T or 5VLX50T or 5VLX85T or 5VLX110T or 5VLX220T or 5VLX330T"



This problem has been fixed in ISE Design Suite 10.1 SP3. Please download and install SP3 to resolve this issue. It can be downloaded here:


Re-compile the simulation libraries for your simulator. If you are using ISim or ModelSim XE, you do not have to recompile the libraries.

As a work-around, modify file "${XILINX}/verilog/src/unisims/JTAG_SIM_VIRTEX5.v" by removing all "5V" and "5v" character from the following statement:

initial begin

case (PART_NAME)

"5VLX30", "5vlx30" : IDCODEval_sig <= 32'h0286E093;

"5VLX50", "5vlx50" : IDCODEval_sig <= 32'h02896093;

"5VLX85", "5vlx85" : IDCODEval_sig <= 32'h028AE093;

"5VLX110", "5vlx110" : IDCODEval_sig <= 32'h028D6093;

"5VLX220", "5vlx220" : IDCODEval_sig <= 32'h0290C093;

"5VLX330", "5vlx330" : IDCODEval_sig <= 32'h0295C093;

"5VLX30T", "5vlx30t" : IDCODEval_sig <= 32'h02A6E093;

"5VLX50T", "5vlx50t" : IDCODEval_sig <= 32'h02A96093;

"5VLX85T", "5vlx85t" : IDCODEval_sig <= 32'h02AAE093;

"5VLX110T", "5vlx110t" : IDCODEval_sig <= 32'h02AD6093;

"5VLX220T", "5vlx220t" : IDCODEval_sig <= 32'h02B0C093;

"5VLX330T", "5vlx330t" : IDCODEval_sig <= 32'h02B5C093;

If you are using pre-compiled libraries for simulation, re-compile the simulation libraries for your simulator.

AR# 32039
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章