AR# 32359


11.1 ISE Simulator (ISim) - ISim GUI hangs or freezes frequently while performing some simulator tasks


The ISim GUI hangs or freezes when I attempt to scroll down the list in the Instances and Processes pane, or when I use the 'Search in Objects" feature.

How can I resolve this problem?


This is a known issue with ISim in ISE Design Suite 11.1. This issue has been fixed in ISE Design Suite 11 Update 2 (11.2). Please download and install the latest ISE Design Suite version from the Download Center at:

The ISim GUI might hang or freeze when attempting to display signals with "null" value on the wave window, or when using the "show value" Tcl command in the Tcl console.

To resolve this issue, refrain from tracing or displaying the value of a null VHDL object.

This issue is currently under investigation in order to better address this condition in a future release of the ISE Simulator.



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AR# 32359
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