AR# 33319


SP601 - HyperTerminal does not automatically detect USB UART Bridge


Hyperterminal is not detecting the USB UART Bridge on my SP601. The Getting Started Guide indicates that the COM port needs to be set to "COM4," but this HyperTerminal does not connect to the board.


Microsoft Windows OS assignment of USB port to address is automatic and might vary from machine to machine. Although the USB-UART Bridge on the SP601 is typically assigned COM4, this might vary. 




To find out the actual port assignment, open the Device Manager (right-click on My Computer -> Properties -> Hardware tab -> Device Manager).  


Expand the "Ports (COM & LPT)" option and find "CP210x USB to UART Bridge Controller". The COM port will be noted, in parenthesis, after the device name.  




Use this COM Port location when setting up HyperTerminal to establish a connection.

AR# 33319
日期 08/01/2017
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