AR# 33719


Licensing - XLCM does not show all available seats when a license file contains multiple entries of a feature


A company has obtained multiple valid floating licenses for a single feature or increment and would like to combine them into one file. The server name and port numbers match, so they are able to correctly concatenate the license files into one file and start the server. However, when looking at the licenses available in the Xilinx License Configuration Manager (XLCM), there is only one seat available for the feature in question instead of the number equal to the number of licenses concatenated.

Why are all the license seats not shown in XLCM?

Are all of the licenses available to be used at the same time?


XLCM only shows one instance of a license feature per file. Although XLCM reports only one of the licenses, the other license seats are available when the first one is being used.

To verify that all of the seats are available, run the following from a command shell:

lmutil lmstat -c port_number@server_name-f

To show individual increments, run the following from a command shell:

lmutil lmdiag -c port_number@server_name

Where port_number and server_name are replaced with the appropriate port number and server name from the license file (e.g., lmutil lmdiag -c 2100@bigserver).

AR# 33719
日期 10/03/2013
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