AR# 34404


SP605 Schematics - PCI Express Endpoint Connectivity section shows clock net name PCIE_250M_N. Should this really be PCIE_125M_N?


The SP605 schematics (xtp067) show a device ics874001 on Pg. 28 with a differential clock output with the following names:


Does this mean that the PCIe clock on the SP605 can run at 250 MHz?


The SP605 Schematics indicate that settings are such that F_SEL1 = 0 and F_SEL0 = 1, which defines oscillator output is 125 MHz clock. The data sheet for this part ( indicates the same. The net name is a misnomer, 250 MHz is not an option, but the functionality is still as expected by the reference designs shipped with the kit.

This article is to confirm that PCIE_250M_N / PCIE_250M_P pair supports 125 MHz on the SP605.
AR# 34404
日期 04/21/2011
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