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Licensing - Your license for [Product] expires in ## days


As a license for a particular product reaches the end of its allotted warranty period, the Xilinx ISE tools present messages to alertyou to the condition.The messagesare presented in the following format:

"WARNING:Security:40 - Your license for < product > expires in < number > days."

"WARNING:Security:42 - Your license support version < number > for < product > expires in <number> days after which you will not qualify for Xilinx software updates or new releases."

"WARNING:Security:42 - Your software subscription period has lapsed. Your current version of Xilinx tools will continue to function, but you no longer qualify for Xilinx software updates or new releases."

What do these messages mean?


A Xilinx Software license contains both an "expiration date" and a "version limit date."
  • The expiration date indicates the day after which the license software componentis nolonger enabled to run. In many cases, the expiration date is set to "permanent" which allows a particular version of the software to be run indefinitely.
  • The version limit date indicates the month when the support contract expires. The support contract entitles a user to update the software with any version of that software released on, or before, the version limit month. If you attempt to run a version of the software released after the version limit, the license does not enable this version to run.For more information, see (Xilinx Answer 33770).

Behavior for ISE Design Suite 11.1 through11.2
All tools display license expiration information incorrectly.No differentiation is made between the end of acontract (current version of Xilinx tools continue to function) and theexpiration of a license(after which the Xilinx tools do NOT continue to function).

Behavior for ISE Design Suite 11.3 and later
Xilinx Project Navigator and all implementation tools were fixed to correctly differentiate between the end of acontract (version limit)and theexpiration of a license.
Xilinx EDK and SDK do notdifferentiate between the end of acontract (version limit)and theexpiration of a license.
If you are not sure about the cause of one of these messages issued from EDK or SDK, you can run the Xilinx LicenseConfiguration Manager (xlcm) to confirm thelicense status.



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