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12.1 EDK - ERROR: "ld:region ilmb_cntlr_dlmb_cntlr is full"


When I compile my software project, it reports the following error:

"/cygdrive/e/Xilinx/12.1/ISE_DS/.../ld:regionilmb_cntlr_dlmb_cntlrisfull(TestApp_Peripheral_microblaze_0/executable.elfsection.stack) make:***[TestApp_Peripheral_microblaze_0/executable.elf]Error1


How can I resolve this error?


The error above indicates that the instruction and data memory spaces are not large enough to contain your application.

To resolve this problem, allocate more memory to the ilmb and dlmb memory controllers (note that doing so will use additional block RAM resources on the FPGA).

After increasing your ilmb and dlmb memory spaces, make sure you regenerate the linker script for your application.Otherwise, the instruction (.text) and data (.data) areas will remain the same size as the previous hardware setup.

To regenerate:
  1. Remove the linker script by right-clicking on the linker script and select Remove.
  2. Right-click on Linker Script and select Generate Linker Script.
  3. Click OK. This generates a linker script that matches the new memory sizes.

If you are running out of block RAM, consider using some external memories such as SRAM (using XPS_MCH_EMC core) or DDR SDRAM (using MPMC core).
AR# 35619
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