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12.1 EDK - SDK "download operation timed out" error


When I download my software application for debugging, the following error message occurs:

"download operation timed out."

What can I do to work around this problem?


This error occurs because of a problem in SDK.A patch has been created to resolve this issue:

  1. Download the patch.
  2. Make a backup of $XILINX_EDK/eclipse/$PLATFORM/eclipse/plugins/com.xilinx.sdk.debug.core_1.0.0.jar.
  3. Unzip the patch into $XILINX_EDK/eclipse/$PLATFORM/eclipse/plugins/.

This issue has been resolved in the 12.2 software.

If you are using v12.2 or later and experiencing a similar issue, there is a setting in the SDK GUI to increase the timeout values for launch and debug operations.

In SDK, Window -> Preferences. select C/C++ -> Debug -> GDB MI. By default, the Debugger timeout is set to 10000 ms, whereas the Launch timeout is set to 30000 ms. Increasing the Debugger timeout to a value greater than, or equal to the Launch timeout helps resolve this issue.



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AR# 35996
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