AR# 36390


12.1 EDK - Export to SDK does not update the bit file in the workspace if hardware XML is not updated


When only the UCF file is modified in the EDK project, the "Export to SDK" function updates the new bit file in the "SDK\SDK_Export" directory. However, the bit file in "SDK\SDK_Workspace_35\hw_platform_0" is not updated. Since "SDK\SDK_Workspace_35\hw_platform_0" is the default directory that "Program FPGA" takes, the FPGA function did not change if you program FPGA within SDK after the export.


To work around this issue, you can perform either of these steps manually:
  • Point the "Program FPGA" to the bit file in the EDK project implementation directory, or the SDK\SDK_Export directory.
  • Copy the bit file from SDK\SDK_Export toSDK\SDK_Workspace_35.
AR# 36390
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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