AR# 36522

System Generator for DSP 12.1 - Why do I get errors during generation if my user name contains non-English characters?


When a user name contains characters such as the umlaut or other diacritical marks () System Generator will fail during generation.
System Generator creates a USERTEMP area which consists of the Environment Variable setting for TEMP (usually C:\TEMP) followed by sysgentmp-username.

When the username contains non-English alphabetic characters, (for example umlauts or  ""), errors similar to the following are received:

Errors occured during netlist generation. Error reported by S-function 'sysgen' in 'SiunsOut/Counter': A summary of Sysgen errors has been written to C:/Work/SinusOut_sysgen_error.log.

standard exception: XNetlistEngine:
An exception was raised:
com.xilinx.sysgen.netlist.NetlistInternal: ERROR:coreutil - IO error when creating files for XST synthesis: Input file does
not exist or cannot be read. On Windows this may be due to the total path
length of a file being too long.. More information can be found in C:/Temp/sysgentmp-Jean De/cg_wk/cbed39816b5bd227e/coregen.log at C:\Work\ethernet_audio\dsp\sysgen\ line 395


This is because the user name is used as an extension to the temporary directory location to form a user unique folder to generate IP cores.

Currently the only workaround for this is to log in to the machine with a different user name which does not contain these characters.

AR# 36522
日期 09/02/2014
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