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AR# 37348

12.x/13.1 iMPACT - PROM File Formatter - When I generate an MCS including a .mem or .elf file my system does not boot or the data is not distributed as expected in the flash


When I generate an MCS including a .mem or .elf file, my system does not boot?

When I generate an MCS including a .mem or .elf file, the data is not distributed as expected in the flash?

My MCS is a bitstream initialized with my bootloader and an elf file appended to the MCS file. I am not able to boot my elf if I use ISE software 12.1.

1) app will not boot
2) app/elf is much larger in ISE software 12.1 than in 11.x

What is the issue here?


iMPACT changed the command line passed to the PROM file generation tool and this has modified the output file. This is a bug and will be resolved in a future release. There are two possible workarounds:

(1) Use the promgen tool from command line in ISE software 12.1 instead of the iMPACT GUI. Example command line -

promgen -w -p mcs -c FF -o <filename> -s <Flash density> -u 00000000 <filename>.bit -bd <filename>.elf/.mem start xxxxxx -bpi_dc parallel -data_width 8/16

(2) To fix this issue for an elf file in the ISE software 12.1 iMPACT GUI you will need to run powerpc-eabi-objcopy or mb-objcopy on your elf to convert it to a binary file.

powerpc-eabi-objcopy -O binary system.elf system.bin
mb-objcopy -O binary system.elf system.bin

At this point you can add your binary file to the MCS file using the iMPACT GUI.

A fix is scheduled for ISE software 13.1.



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AR# 37348
日期 12/15/2012
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