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CompXLib Error when compiling libraries: ERROR:Compxlib:267 - COMPXLIB[sim]:


I am using the following command to compile libraries:
compxlib.exe -s mti_se -l all -p r:\modelsim_6.5d\win32 -arch all -lib all -dir x:\projects\epi\modelsim_xilinx_libraries_114i6.5d -verbose 

However I am receiving the following error:

ERROR:Compxlib:267 - COMPXLIB[sim]: Unable to automatically find executables for
simulator 'mti_se'.
Simulator 'mti_se' is ignored.


This error occurs when the incorrect value for the -s switch is used.

In the case, QuestaSim is being used but the "questa" value has not been used for the -s switch.
- s questa is required to indicate that the libraries will be compiled using QuestaSim.

The command used should be similar to the following:
compxlib.exe - s questa -l all -p r:\questasim_6.5d\win32 -arch all -lib all -dir x:\projects\epi\modelsim_xilinx_libraries_114i6.5d -verbose 

Another work-around is to use the GUI.
AR# 38970
日期 11/26/2014
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