AR# 41101


13.2 PlanAhead - Importing ".xise" into the PlanAhead tool does not add ".ngc" files to the project


If I import an ".xise" project that has the macro search path added into the PlanAhead tool, the Macro Search Path is set in the NGDBuild options, but the ".ngc", ".edn", and ".edf" files are not added to the project. This makes the design much more difficult to manage.


This issue is resolved in the PlanAhead 13.3 software.

In earlier versions of the PlanAhead tool, you need to add ".edn" and ".ngc", sourced in the ISE design tools with a Macro Search Path, to the PlanAhead project manually.
AR# 41101
日期 02/29/2012
状态 Active
Type 已知问题
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