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Licensing - What are Product Entitlement Accounts?


What are Product Entitlement Accounts?


When you purchase a software or IP product from Xilinx, you are really purchasing a license to use and receive updates for that product for one year. This license to use Xilinx software and IP product is managed through the use of product entitlements. A product entitlement is the determination of:

  • Which product was purchased
  • The number of seats purchased
  • The license type (floating or node-locked)
  • The product subscription period (product updates provided throughout the year).

In addition to managing the product entitlements for your purchased software tools and IP, you can also access product entitlements for No Charge or Evaluation products. Full and No Charge licenses have a subscription period of one year. Software tools evaluation is for 30-days and IP evaluations are for 120 days.

The activation of a product entitlement results in the website producing one or more license keys. When installed, the license keys enable the use of the software and IP that was purchased or is being evaluated. Your product entitlements and resulting license key files are managed in a product entitlement account on the Xilinx website.

Product entitlement accounts are company, site, and administrator specific. All purchases made can be managed in the same product entitlement account. A company site can have multiple accounts managed by different administrators. This is helpful if a site has multiple design teams working on differing projects with different budget pools.

Please note, a license key generated for a product entitlement that has expired will only enable product releases up to the subscription end date. Applying a product update that was made available beyond the subscription end date of your license will result in an error.



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