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Licensing - How can I create a License Key File on the Xilinx Product Licensing site?


How do I generate a license file?


To generate a license key file for your purchased or evaluation product do the following:

  1. If you are generating an activation-based Node-Locked (Client) license, please access the Xilinx Product Licensing Site from Vivado License Manager ("Manage Xilinx Licenses" from Windows Start or "vlm" on Linux)
    Note: To generate floating (server) activation-based licenses, you must use the xlicsrvrmgr command-line executable run from your server machine to access the Xilinx License Management site. Failure to use this tool and going to the Xilinx License Manage website directly in a browser results in all activation-based licenses being non-selectable. More info can be found in User Guide 973: UG973 (v2015.4).
  2. Click on the "Create License" tab on the Product Licensing Site.
  3. Select Products: Begin the license generation process for products that you have purchased or wish to evaluate by performing the following actions:

    a. Pull down the account drop-down list and select your desired account. This selection is not available if you are only entitled to evaluation or free products.

    b. Select the product entitlement account you wish to administer.

    c. Make your product selections from the product entitlement table.

  4. The type of product entitlements available are Full (purchased), No Charge, or Evaluation.
    Full and No Charge licenses have a subscription period of 1 year.
    Design tools evaluation is for 30 days and IP evaluations are for 120 days.


    • Floating and node-locked licenses cannot be combined in the same license key file. The interaction of the user interface does not allow you to make invalid product selections. Experiment by selecting and deselecting products in the product entitlement table.
    • Activation and Certificate-based licenses cannot be combined in the same license generation session. Selecting a license of one type will cause the other section of the user interface to become inactive.
    • For design tools, available seats represent the number of seats available for licensing over the total number of seats purchased. For IP, seats are managed according to the terms of the site-wide agreement.
    • Products with a status of "Current" are within their warranty period. Products with a status of "Expired" have a warranty period end date that has passed. If seats are available, licenses can be generated for either "Current" or "Expired" product entitlements.
    • The Vivado Design Suite (No ISE): System Edition 30-Day Evaluation product entitlement provides access to all the capabilities in the Vivado Design Suite tool set.
      This product entitlement is automatically included in your product entitlement account.
      Evaluation and No Charge IP can be added to the list of product entitlements by clicking on the "Add Evaluation and No Charge IP Cores" button.
    • IP products are typically sold as site licenses providing the administrator the ability to generate license keys for floating and node-locked license types.
  5. Generate a License: Click the "Generate License" or "Activate License" button, which corresponds to the type of license key file you are generating (floating or node-locked).
    A form will appear allowing you to define the characteristics of your license file.
    Complete the license generation form as follows:

    a. Select the number of seats required for each product license. This is for floating licenses only. All node-locked licenses are for one seat.
    The number of seats available for a product entitlement is automatically maintained by the system. A product is removed from the product entitlement table if all seats have been activated.

    b. Enter system information.

    • System information is pre-populated in the option menu if you arrived at the Product Licensing Site from a link within Vivado License Manager (VLM).
    • For activation-based licenses, all required system information is passed from the Vivado License Manager, or the command-line tools, through the web-browsers URL. There is no need to manually enter host information for either client or server-based activation licenses.
    • A redundant server configuration provides a fail over for the license manager software. As long as two of the three servers are running, the license manager can continue to run.
    • For certificate-based licenses (.lic files), if you do not have pre-populated system information or wish to add a different host, select the "Add a host..." option from the option menu.
    • The host ID is a value that uniquely identifies the machine to which your software tools or IP is licensed. You can choose a host ID type to be a MAC address, a hard drive serial number, a dongle ID, or a Solaris host ID. Not all host ID types are supported for all operating systems. The easiest way to obtain your host ID(s) is to run the XLCM on the machine that will serve as the license host.

    c. Provide a comment. Adding a comment to the license key file makes it easy for an administrator to keep notes on how software and IP product entitlements are allocated among users.
    d. Click the "Next" button. A Review License Request form appears.

    e. Review your selections. If you are satisfied with your selections confirm them by clicking the "Next" button.

End User License Agreements (EULAs):

Xilinx Design Tools and No Charge IP product EULAs are agreed to during the product installation process.

If you license IP products, you must "accept" the terms of the associated IP product EULAs before the license file can be generated.

License Generation Confirmation:

Upon completion of the license generation process, you will receive a confirmation message providing a summary of your licensing activity.

You will also receive a license generation confirmation email.

This message contains the license key file that was generated as an attachment.

Add as a trusted sender in your address book.

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