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Licensing - How do I obtain a license for Xilinx products?


Instructions and information on obtaining a license for Xilinx Software and LogiCORE IP cores.

How do I get/generate a license?


Thelocation for generating and managing licenses for Xilinx Software and LogiCORE IP is the Product Licensing Web Site

For instructions on how to access the website see(Xilinx Answer 41878).

For general instructions on how to create a license file see(Xilinx Answer 41882)

Forinformation on Xilinx licensing account administration and user permissions see(Xilinx Answer 44380)

Entitlement Issues (e.g. I do not see the desired product on the Create License tab)(Xilinx Answer 44821)

Licensing Website Hints, tips and specific use cases (Xilinx Answer 44041)
AR# 42396
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