AR# 42948

13.2 Licensing - ERROR:Security:11 - No 'xc7vx485t' feature was available for 'ISE'


When I try to implement my XC7VX485T design in the ISE 13.2 Design Suite, I get the following licensing errors during MAP:

"ERROR:Security:11 - No 'xc7vx485t' feature was available for 'ISE'.
ERROR:Map:258 - A problem was encountered attempting to get the license for this architecture."

I was able to use this device in 13.1 with no licensing errors.


In the 13.1 ISE Design Suite, the XC7VX485T was released for public access in the ISE software.In 13.2, the rest of the Virtex-7XT family are being released as limited access devices.This means that a specific limited access license is required to target a design into Virtex-7XT devices.Unfortunately, the XC7VX485T was incorrectly included in this Virtex-7XT limited access grouping.

Until this issue can be fixed, you can access the 485T by requesting a Virtex-7XT limited access license from your local Xilinx FAE.

This issue is resolved in ISE DS 13.3.

AR# 42948
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章