AR# 44963


Virtex-6 CXT, 13.3, GTX IBERT - IBERT GUI in CORE Generator tool does not launch if project option is set to CX75T


If I set the CORE Generator tool project options to target a Virtex-6 CX75T device in 13.3, the GTX IBERT GUI does not open and produces the following error message:

"ERROR:coreutil - ERROR:sim:824 - Something went wrong while preparing for IP customization.ERROR:sim - IP initializer could not set parameters on IP model

ERROR:sim - ERROR:sim - Failed to initialize IP model.
Cancelled Customization."


This is an issue inversion 13.3 of the software that is scheduled to be fixed in 13.4.

To work around the issue, open up a WebCase with Xilinx Technical Support at:

In the WebCase notes, please refer to this Answer Record (44963) and request the patch files.

AR# 44963
日期 05/19/2012
状态 Active
Type 已知问题
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