AR# 45597


PowerPC440 - PLB Peripherals can be in the same 128MByte MCI Address range


Is there any restriction on the address of the memory controller interface (MCI) and PLB?


Any PLB peripherals can be in the same 128MByte MCI address range.

The address for MCI can be specified by the address template registers (TMPLx_XBAR_MAP).

It divides the 4 GB address space into 128 MB regions.

If the bit corresponding to a 128 MB region is set, that request is forwarded to the MCI.

Otherwise, it is sent to the MPLB.

For detail, refer to the section "Address Mapping" in UG200.

EDK recognizes the address mapping and automatically set the register TMPLx_XBAR_MAP, so you do not need to set this register manually.
AR# 45597
日期 09/16/2014
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