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AR# 45763

How can I dump or export ChipScope ILA captured data and what are the formats supported?


How canI dump or export ChipScope ILA captured dataand what are the formats supported?


The ChipScope ILA captured datacan be exported to a file for future viewing or processing.

To export data:

Select File -> Export in the ChipScope analyzer.
The Export Signals dialog box appears. Three formats are available:

  • Value Change Dump (VCD) format
  • Tab-delimited ASCII format
  • Agilent Technologies Fast Binary Data Format (FBDF)

To select a format, click the appropriate radio button. To select the target core to export, select it from the core combo box.

Different sets of signals and buses are available for export.

Use the Signals to Export combo box to select all:

  • Signals and buses for that particular core
  • Signals and buses present in the waveform viewer for the core
  • Signals and buses in the listing viewer for the core
  • Signals and buses in the bus plot viewer for the core

To export the signals, click Export. A dialog box appears from which you can specify the target directory and filename.

Further details are available in the ChipScope Pro 13.1 Software and Cores User Guide (UG029); seethe Exporting Data section:

AR# 45763
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