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Kintex-7 FPGA KC705 Base TRD - Fedora 16 does not boot on my PC


Fedora 16 may not boot successfully on all PC motherboards. Why is this?


Fedora 16 may not boot on all Motherboard PCs. Here are two possible scenarios:

1.Fedora 16 was released November 8, 2011 and uses open source drivers. PC systems containingmotherboards withchipsets or graphics cards that are developed later than this date, or from avendor who does not support the opensource drivers, may not work.

Note: NVIDIA does not directly support the open source drivers so some cards may not becompatible with Fedora 16.The following linkgives more details on NVIDIA HW families:

2. Fedora 16 uses GNOME 3for its graphical environment and this requires 3d HW acceleration support.Very old graphicscards many not support 3d HW accelerationand may not be compatible.If your system has an incompatible graphicscard, then a newlow cost card (such as ATI Radeon HD 6450or Radeon HD 4670 or NVIDIA Geforce 210)can be purchasedthat is compatible with Fedora 16.These cards have been tested at Xilinx.



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AR# 45845
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