AR# 45851


CORE Generator - Error not flagged for FIR v6.2 when coefficient is not negative-symetric


In ISE Design Suite 13.x and 14.x, when customizing the FIR v6.2 block, if the user has a coefficient vector that is not negative-symmetric and if they choose Implementation -> Coeff Structure=negative-symmetric, an error appears.

However, in ISE Design Suite 13.2 and later, this error does not pop up anymore. I am incorrectly allowed to save my module that has non negative-symmetric coefficients.

Other coefficient DRCs are still present.


If the CORE Generator software is run in debug mode (-d option), the following message is generated:

DEBUG [ipmodel] - Parameter Coefficient_Structure was detected to be invalid while updating Coefficient Vector. Issue: Coefficients provided do not match
coefficient structure 'Negative Symmetric'

However, the pop-up window is no longer present for FIR v6.2.

NOTE: The DRC pop-up is displayed for the FIFO v6.1 IP.

AR# 45851
日期 07/10/2013
状态 Active
Type 已知问题
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