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6 Series Evaluation Kits - LCD not working as expected


This answer record contains points to check if the LCD screen on a development board orevaluation kit is not to working as expected.


When you run the BIST or example designs on a development board, if the LCD does not appear to function as intended, the possible debug steps include:

  1. Check the User Guides and run Example Designs associated with this board.
    For example, for the ML605, refer to (UG534) ML605 Hardware User Guide, and (XTP056) ML605 Built-In Self Test Flash Application.
  2. Using the Hardware User Guide for the board, together with the schematic, locate the potentiometer for the LCD screen.This might be under the LCD screen. Adjust the LCD brightness and contrast using the potentiometer, to rule this out as a source of the issue.
  3. Check the power rails forthe LCD screen. Are they as they should be?
  4. Using an oscilloscope, scope the data lines to the LCD screen.Is the data correct?
  5. If available, swap the LCD screen on this board for another known to be working LCD screen (for example, other 6 Series and some Virtex-5 boards use the same LCD screen).
  6. If you do not have another LCD screen at your disposal, ask your FAE or local distributorto provide another LCD for test purposes.
AR# 45936
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