AR# 46460


13.4 - ModelSim Error when running DS824 - AXI Bus Functional Models v1.9 example scripts


When running the .do files delivered with DS824, the following error occurs:

# vsim -pli libxil_vsim.dll -t 1ps -novopt work.logibayer_tb
# Loading ./libxil_vsim.dll
# ** Error: (vsim-3193) Load of "./libxil_vsim.dll" failed: DLL dependent library not found.
# ** Error: (vsim-PLI-3002) Failed to load PLI object file "./libxil_vsim.dll".
#          Region: /
# // ModelSim PE 10.1 Dec 6 2011

The libraries have been successfully complied.


This error occurs when the Xilinx Environment has not been set up correctly.


The XILINX env variable must be set correctly. 

In Windows, %XILINX% can be set by running the settings32.bat or settings64.bat file in the ISE_DS directory of the installed version.

Alternatively, invoke ModelSim from the ISE Design Suite Command Prompt.

AR# 46460
日期 09/26/2014
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